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Chokeslam    10 Feb 2017

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Chokeslam is related to the wrestler Sheena DeWilde (known globally as her “alter-ego” Smasheena) and high school sweetheart Corey Swanson because they come together again after decades, with strong work by associate leader Amanda Crew and Chris Marquette And the script really gives us a lot to compete with them. When the story opens we find new revelations in our characters. The minor attitudes come to the forefront and give a deeper meaning to their relationship. Marquette and Crew have been trying to make full investment in their characters and to root for the success of their relationships.

Marquette shows off the perfect comedy schedule, especially praising Can-stars, especially the funny performance of the Canadian Indie-darling Michael Eklund Amanda is fully seated in the crew role and makes Sheena a really charming character And “Smasheena” as a complete wrestler.

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